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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 16, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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deny it was his voice in that leaked tape pretending to be his own publicist. and he gets the front-page treatment from "the new york times." and the hits keep on coming. president obama seems to take a swipe at the presumptive republican nominee while giving advice of what not to do to the class of 2016. and slugged. a year-long feud between the toronto blue jays and texas rangers erupts into a brawl and a right hook to the face. ouch! it is 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ good morning. it is monday, may 16th. i'm chris jansing. big weekend for the class of 2016. the graduates and the presidential candidates just
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yards apart at the university of pennsylvania. vice president joe biden who was supporting his granddaughter naomi, and donald trump and family supporting his daughter, tiffany. and in our northeast, president obama took the dais at rutgers delivering the university's 250th anniversary commencement. and while the president never mentioned trump by name, he left little doubt about the man to whom he was referring. >> the world is more interconnected than ever before. and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. the biggest challenges we face cannot be solved in isolation. facts, evidence, reason, logic, an understanding of science, these are good things. tease are qualities you want in people making policy. if you were listening to today's political debate, you might
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wonder where this strain of anti-intellectualism came from. so -- so -- so class of 2016, let me be as clear as i can be. in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. that's not challenging political correctness. that's just not knowing what you're talking about. >> donald trump begins this week under a mountain of bad press. over the weekend a front-page "new york times" article featured the stories of women who said they had faced unwanted comments and advances from trump in years gone by at trump tower, at his homes, backstage
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attributety pageants. temple taggart competing at 21 years old told of a series of advances including that trump introduced himself by kissing her directly on the lips. trump was married to marla maples at the time. he disputes the account. trump tried to dispel many of the details of the stories, telling the paper, quote, a lot of things get made up over the years. i have always treated women with great respect and women will tell you that. he put a finer point on things on twitter. writing, quote, everyone is laughing at "the new york times" for the lame-hit piece they did on me and women. i gave them many names of women i helped. they refused to use. wow! i have had so many calls from high-ranking people laughing at the stupidity of the failing "new york times" piece, massive front page for that. and why doesn't the failing "new york times" write the real story on the clintons and women? the media is totally dishonest. the head of the national party, reince priebus, played defense on the sunday shows. >> chairman priebus, does that bother you?
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>> well, you know, a lot of things bother me, chris. obviously i'm the wrong person to be asking that particular question. but look. we've been -- >> wait a minute. why are you the wrong person? i mean, you're the chairman of the party. this is your nominee. and they're saying that he has mistreated women over the years. >> i think that all these stories that come out and they come out every couple weeks, people just don't care. i think people look at donald trump and say -- and hillary clinton and say who's going to bring an earthquake to washington, d.c.? i think the bigger issue when we make these judgments about people are, you know, whether or not individuals are throwing stones in glass houses. and when people are hypocrites, obviously that's when these stories have an impact. but i don't think donald trump and his personal life is something that people are looking at and saying, well, i'm surprised that he's had girlfriends in the past. that's not what people look at donald trump for. >> and in an interview airing this morning, trump hinted at
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rocky relations with one of the nation's closest allies. british prime minister david cameron has refused to retract critical comments he made last year about the presumptive republican nominee and his proposed ban on muslims. camer cameron's remarks didn't sit well with trump. here he is on itv in the uk. >> the british prime minister, david cameron, recently said he stands by his comments that your position on muslims was stupid, divisive and wrong. >> yeah? >> he wouldn't retract them and he wouldn't apologize. >> honestly, i don't care. it doesn't matter. i mean, it's fine. >> if you're president and he's the british prime minister -- >> it looks like we're not going to have a very good relationship. who knows? i hope to have a good relationship with him. but it sounds like he's not willing to address the problem either. >> would you like him to withdraw the particular comments that you're stupid, divisive and wrong with your view about muslims? >> well, number one, i'm not stupid, i can tell you that right now. just the opposite. number two, in terms of divisive, i don't think i'm a divisive person. i'm a unifier, unlike our
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president now, i'm a unifier. >> former republican presidential candidate ben carson has revealed names on the vice presidential short list. he was riding in a car with a "washington post" reporter when news of a new poll broke listing potential running mates along with carson himself, the list included john kasich, marco rubio, ted cruz, sarah palin, chris christie. after hearing the results, carson is quoted as saying, those are all people on our list. well, not you, his wife added. carson did later attempt to clarify his comments, saying that everyone could potentially be considered, but that doesn't mean they're on the short list. and how did donald trump react to this news? well, with a tweet, of course. the presumptive republican nominee wrote, "the washington post" report on potential vp list is wrong. marco rubio and most others mentioned are not under consideration. anti-trump strategists are reportedly working to draft a third-party candidate to stop
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the presumptive republican nominee from reaching the white house. according to "the washington post," several of the gop figures including mitt romney and bill kristol are commissioning private polling. the recruiting prospects reportedly include freshman senator ben sasse, an outspoken critic of trump, and ohio governor john kasich. rnc chairman reince priebus painted the effort to find a third-party candidate in stark terms. >> it's a suicide mission because you're not only changing and throwing out eight years of the white house, but you're also throwing out potentially generations on the supreme court. look, we could have up to three justices change over, and the next eight years, and this is a suicide mission. it is not right. and i think what people should do is take the paul ryan approach which is to work with donald trump and find out whether or not there's common ground. >> sources close to senator sasse and governor kasich tell nbc news neither politician is interested in making a third-party bid. meanwhile, hillary clinton is focusing on kentucky ahead of
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tomorrow's democratic primary there and in oregon. she held a rally in louisville yesterday, one of five events she's holding in the state ahead of election day. and at one point she made a derby-themed jab at her republican opponent. >> there's a saying in the senate, there are two kinds of senators. there are show horses and workhorses. i have to say, it really -- it really lifted my spirits to see exaggerator beaten in the derby. >> hmm. who's she referring to there? meantime, bernie sanders in puerto rico after spending the weekend in kentucky where he predicted the bluegrass state would become his 20th win. he said his immediate task is to win a majority of pledged delegates and then to somehow win over superdelegates who have flocked to clinton. >> is it a bird? is it a plane? it is a superdelegate! all right. flying over the sky. all right. >> while clinton faces a multifront war with both bernie
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sanders and donald trump, "the washington post" points out ongoing concerns about major problems from within her own supporters. they've got deep concerns about her favorability and reportedly concerned about poor results with young women and weak polling on questions of trustworthiness and likability. a point of comfort, trump's numbers so far have been worse. there's frustration throughout england after a bomb scare forced the evacuation of the premier league season finale. a dummy bomb found inside old trafford stadium before yesterday's match between manchester united and bournemouth meant the match was canceled. following a controlled explosion, confirm confirmed the device which was described as an incredibly lifelike explosive found in a toilet was accidentally left inside the venue for exercises for safety responders. police and the crime commissioner calling for a full inquiry into the events leading up to the incident, saying, quote, the fiasco caused massive
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inconvenience to supporters who had come from far and wide to watch the match, wasted the time of huge numbers of police officers and the army's bomb squad and unnecessarily put people in danger. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will meet with conservative figures this wednesday to address the controversy over the company allegedly filtering conservative articles from its trending section. cnbc's hadley gamble joins us live from london. hadley, who will be at that meeting, and what, if anything, might come out of it? >> well, chris, it's clear that for facebook, at least, this is all about clearing the air here. this is also about addressing conservatives' concerns and basically showing them that the company does care. now, we've heard from ceo mark zuckerbe zuckerberg. he said that facebook has no evidence that anything was manipulated in terms of their trending topics list. but, of course, with 41% of u.s. adults now getting their news from facebook, that's according to pew research, and also a senate committee inquiry in the offing about this, you know, it's certainly clear that facebook at least is trying to get ahead of this story and really clear the air. now, turning thousand to amazon, some exciting news for that
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company. in-house brands are now going to become a bigger part of what they do. and apparently names like mama bear are going to be the names of something like -- of half of these products. we're talking vitamins, groceries, coffee. some different new merchandise. and you have to remember, this isn't even small change for a company like amazon. last year alone in the united states, sales of in-house brands hit as much as $118 billion. so some exciting times for amazon and certainly something to watch. >> hadley gamble live from london, thank you for that. so let's go back to graduation weekend for a bit because facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandberg spoke publicly for the first time about the unexpected death of her husband, dave goldberg. he was the former ceo of survey monkey, and he died suddenly while vacationing many mexico. he was found dead in a gym after suffering head trauma and blood loss. she spoke to the graduates about working through times of loss that come without warning. >> one year and 13 days ago, i
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lost my husband, dave. dave's death changed me in very profound ways. i learned about the depth of sadness and the brutality of loss. but i also learned that when life sucks you under, you can kick against the bottom, find the surface, and breathe again. and back east in the heat of a toxic political season, vice president joe biden and former house speaker john boehner exchanged warm words while being honored at the university of notre dame's commencement ceremony. the medal awarded to american catholics honored the men for their civility and willingness to speak common ground despite being on opposite sides of the political spectrum. >> the fact of the matter is, you can find common ground with the other side without compromising your core beliefs. ladies and gentlemen, vice president joe biden is one of those people. joe and i had many disagreements
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on many different issues. i can imagine what he's doing back here. even as we disagreed, we both always understood the need to keep looking for things that we could agree on. because while i'm a republican and joe's a democrat, the fact is, at first we're both americans. so mr. vice president, it is an honor to share the stage with you today. i was thinking about what i was going to say this morning. applaud for joe. >> let's get something straight right off the bat. i don't like john boehner. i love him. >> is it me or does john boehner look ten years younger since he left congress? i don't know. still ahead, it was the rangers and blue jays' final
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time meeting this season, and boy, did they go out with a bang. we'll show you what led to a bench-clearing brawl and a right hook to the jaw. we'll show you when "way too early" comes right back.
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and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. time now for sports. we begin with a big-league brawl in arlington, texas, after bad blood boiled over between the blue jays and rangers yesterday. fanning the flames in a heated feud between the two teams, all started with jose bautista's infamous bat slip in last year's a.l. division series. now, this time taking first base after being hit by a pitch earlier in the inning, bautista makes a hard slide into rangers' shortstop odor on a potential double play, sparking a fistfight between the two players and a bench-clearing brawl between the teams. it took umpires roughly ten minutes to restore order after the fracas during which at least one of odor's swings connected
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with bautista's head, sending his sunglasses flying off his face. six players were ejected from the game as a result of the melee. luckily the 7-6 rangers victory was the last regular-season meeting between the two clubs. boom. in boston, newly extended netting at fenway park wasn't enough to protect one fan during saturday's game between the astros and the red sox. the man was seated five rows up along the third baseline when a piece of splintered bat hit him in the face during a player's plate appearance. the fan suffered a cut above the right eye, was later treated at a nearby medical center. the red sox extended that protective netting before the start of the season after injuries suffered by fans last year. let's go to the nba playoffs. the raptors are headed to the eastern conference finals for the first time in franchise history after eliminating the heat in game seven yesterday. kyle lowry with 35 minutes and demar derozan added 28 in a
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dominating 116-89 victory over miami. toronto will open the conference finals in cleveland against the cavaliers! on tuesday. that's the appropriate response, bill karins, we'll get to him in a minute. let's check the ice first. the blues take a 2-1 vikt a at home over the sharks in the opening game of the western conference finals. david baucus opened scoring in the first period. the go-ahead for the blues in the second game two on tuesday in st. louis. and on the links, florida yesterday, golf's number one in the world, jason day, turned in a bogey-free back nine in yesterday's final round to wrap up a wire-to-wire win in the players championship with his tenth career win on the pga tour. the 28-year-old australian becomes the first player since tiger woods in 2002 to win an event wire to wire twice in one season. turning back now to some highlights out of major league baseball. in new york, the chicago base runner trying to steal is called
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safe on a slide into second base. but check out the replay. yankee shortstop gregorias tags him in midair. that was overturned. yankees over the white sox, 7-5. the royals hosting the braves. the pitcher pulls off a nifty glove flip to first for the out after the bunt. but the magic doesn't stop there for the royals. jumping ahead to a tie game in the bottom of the 13th inning. >> morales, center field, deep, long run for smith! it is gone! kendrys mormorales! >> a walkoff shot that sends the royals home with a 4-2 win in extra innings. all right. now let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning. >> that was a long sports. somewhere jonathan capehart's sitting there going thank
2:51 am
goodness. >> thank god it wasn't me. no, he's comatose right now. >> probably is. we had some snow over the weekend in northern portions of the great lakes and the northeast. we still have a little bit this morning. this is a cold shot for this time of year. we're only one degree away from the record low in new york city right now. we're at 43. we dropped to 42. it's 32 in columbus right now. very cold air over areas of the ohio valley and the northeast. hopefully you didn't put the winter gear away for the kids because they need it. even through the rest of this week, d.c. is having one of the coldest mays they've ever had. it's only going to be 58 and rainy on tuesday. wednesday, 63. it should be averaging the low to mid-70s in d.c. this time of year. and there's no signs of that really until the end of this week. also our friends down around corpus christi they're have had very heavy rain overnight. one place reported nine inches of rain. so we have to watch out to see how bad the flooding is there once the sun comes out. otherwise severe thunderstorm risk for 2 million people today. late in the day headed towards oklahoma city. not too many tornadoes today or tomorrow, but we'll be focusing
2:52 am
on texas for any bad weather. the best weather in the country, southeast today and the southwest. the rest of the country's not so great. >> mr. karins, thank you. still ahead, the simpsons make cartoon history. we'll show you how next on "way too early." real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of em. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers
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now let's get a check on the morning's other headlines. we head to the control room with louis bergdorf. good morning. >> actress vanessa hudgens has
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agreed to pay $100,000 in re restitution for vandalizing the arizona red rocks. it wasn't too difficult since hudgens posted the photo on her instagram account. you can see the heart with her and her boyfriend's name right there. the $1,000 fine was used by a volunteer group to restore the rock wall. it's a well-worn joke in cartoons that "the simpsons" did it first, and last night the show closed with another first, homer simpson answering questions live. they used software called adobe character animator to animate the voice of dan castellanetta to answer questions like this one. >> so prove that we're live on "saturday night live" last night, drake was terrible. hello? >> homer, how you doing? >> i'm doing all right. is that your question? >> i was wondering, what kind of car do you drive? >> oh, i drive a hybrid, which
2:56 am
is a combination of old and terrible. that's it, ladies and gentlemen. it only lasted three minutes like eating cheeseburgers and making love. >> that's incredible. all right. finally this morning, chris, "saturday night live" opened the show with a spoof on donald trump as he sorts through potential running mates. in the sketch, chris christie stops by trump tower to discuss potential vice presidential republican running mates. >> what about john kasich? he's smart, experienced. he can help us in ohio. >> he said he's not interested. >> he's a loser. what about nikki haley? >> also not interested. >> ted cruz. >> hard no. >> paul ryan. >> he said not right now, but he will see you in hell. >> lindsey graham. >> he said he'd love to but then he laughed so hard that i had to walk away. if i may be so bold, sir, i think anyone who didn't want to be your vp would be a damn fool. you are such a special candidate. and maybe, just maybe, the
2:57 am
person you've been looking for this whole time is standing in this room right now. >> you are so right. ben carson, you want to be vice president? >> oh, that would be hella exciting. >> great. let's do it! >> getting ben carson back in the mix there, chris. >> he never left. thank you so much, louis. that does it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," donald trump takes on "the new york times" ever its story about he's allegedly treated women over the years. and does the republican now have a new nickname for senator elizabeth warren? that and a whole lot more coming up next on "morning joe." (engine winding up)
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